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This website was developed to serve as a resource for information for the Riverwalk community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.


~ Neighborhood News ~
MARCH 2015
All Riverwalk Owners: Google Installation 
Installation of Goolge fiber optics to each building at Riverwalk started on Feb. 9 and is set to run through March 13, 2015. For the schedule per building/unit and other information, please contact Calvin Whitmarsh, managing agent for Riverwalk, Beck and Co., Inc..
All Riverwalk Owners: Additional Parking Spaces for Rent on County Line Property
Starting Jan. 1, 2015, we are accepting applications for additional parking spaces for rent on the County Line property located on the eastside of Riverwalk. These spaces are to accommodate residents of Riverwalk who have more vehicles than the assigned parking for each unit. We have an agreement for use of 10 parking spaces for a monthly rental fee of $54.12 for each. For a map of the designed spaces, rental application and more information, please contact Calvin Whitmarsh, managing agent for Riverwalk, Beck and Co., Inc. 
Please provide copies of the Riverwalk Property Rules to all tenants. Remember that Riverwalk Owners are responsible for the actions of their tenants and their tenants’ guests.
A friendly reminder: Tell a neighbor if you plan to leave home for an extended period, and make sure to securely lock your doors, including your sliding patio door, before departing. Never leave valuables in your car, but if you must, lock them securely in your trunk.
Always be on the lookout for suspicious people or vehicles and immediately call Austin police at 9-1-1 to report any suspicious activity.
The official towing company for Riverwalk is Park Rite Towing, (512) 582-3000.

Owners: Please be advised that the Riverwalk Property Rules DO NOT PERMIT any short-term leasing of units (ie: daily, weekly, weekends, special events). Riverwalk is a residential community and this will be strictly enforced. Read the recent amended property rule for more details.
All leases require that the names and contact information of all tenants be provided to the property manager at Beck & Co. Owners are required to provide tenants with a complete copy of the Riverwalk Property Rules and Regulations. Violations of these provisions will result in fines.

Dear Riverwalk Residents,

Thank you for your help regarding pets in the Riverwalk community. 
If you witness a dog not on a leash or pet owners not picking up after their dogs, please report this to Beck & Co by email: calvin@beckandco.com.
Include your name, unit number and contact information plus provide the details about the time and date as well as the unit number of the pet owner breaking the rules. This is most important! Without knowing the violator there is little that can be done.
Warnings are required to be issued for the first two violations. After that, the Riverwalk rules provide that the Board of Directors may decide to seek legal resolution or issue a fine. Please do your part to keep Riverwalk the pleasant and attractive community it is. Your cooperation is gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
All boats stored by Lady Bird Lake must be secured at the canoe dock or on the kayak rack and display a current Boat Storage Permit. The cost is $75 per calendar year and permits are limited and subject to availability (a waiting list is maintained). For permits, contact property manager Calvin Whitmash at Beck & Company. Residents may store at no cost one vessel on their rear patio or balcony.

Pool use is for Riverwalk residents and their invited and accompanied guests only [limit: two (2) per unit].
The pool is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. 
Access to the pool areas requires a personal resident key.
Gates must be fully closed after entering or leaving the enclosed pool areas.
Use containers provided for trash and cigarette butts.
Use of the pool area is prohibited from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
~ Upcoming Events ~

None listed at this time.