Top Property Rules
(provided for reference only; see complete Rules & Regulations here)
  • This complex is of a vintage era and walls/insulation can be thin. Please do not play loud music, yell, stomp or create other disturbing noise – even inside of units – that is likely to be heard by your neighbors.
  • Quiet hours are 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Be courteous and considerate of others at all times; this is communal living.
  • NO trash or litter is ever to be placed outside your doors or left in any Common Areas.
  • Pool use is for Riverwalk residents and their invited and accompanied guests only [limit: two (2) per unit].
  • Access to the pool areas requires a personal resident key.
  • Gates must be fully closed after entering or leaving the enclosed pool areas.
  • NO bottles, glassware, pets, loud music allowed. Use containers provided for trash and cigarette butts.
  • The pool is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. That means pool area use is prohibited from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. 
  • Park in assigned spaces only with a Riverwalk parking sticker displayed on windshield. Units have either one or two designated spaces. Contact Beck & Co. for parking stickers and for the location of the assigned parking spaces for each unit.
  • A limited number of Parking Spaces are available for monthly leasing. Contact Beck & Co.
  • NO parking ever in fire lanes and NO parking by residents in Visitors Spaces.
  • NO guest parking in Visitor Spaces for more than 72 hours in a 7-day period without prior approval of Beck & Co.
  • Vehicles in violation will be towed and owners fined. The official towing company for Riverwalk is Park Rite Towing, 512.582.3000. 
  • ALL pets must be on a leash at ALL times when outside of your unit. Limit: two pets per unit maximum.
  • NO tethering pets outside of units or leaving them on balconies alone.
  • NO continual barking, howling, whining or disturbing the peace by pets.
  • There are designated “pet potty” areas. Look for the signs and poop bag dispensers. Place waste in dumpsters.
  • It is the owners responsibility to clean up after pets at all times.
  • Only outdoor-standard furniture, bicycles, canoes/kayaks, pool toys and live plants are permitted on rear patios.
  • Take care of your plants: water, trim and keep presentable. Dead plants on patios/balconies are a violation.
  • NO storage of boxes, furniture, bags, laundry, trash or other personal affects permitted outside at any time.
  • NO storage or use of fuel-based BBQ pits, smokers or grills permitted. Use grills in the Common Areas only.
  • A limited number of dock-area boat storage permits are available. $75 for one year, Jan. 1-Dec. 31. Contact Beck & Co for permits
  • Storage of one boat (18-ft max.) per unit is permitted without registration fee on rear patio/balcony area only.
  • Seasonal decorations are permitted on front doors and rear patios ONLY for:
  • The one month of December for Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa.
  • The one week before and after all other holidays, ie: Memorial, July 4th, Labor Day, others.
  • NO decorating of any common areas ever permitted. This includes front walkways and railings.
  • If you’re considering one, contact Beck & Co for specific location and installation requirements.
  • Violations of ALL community rules are taken very seriously. Expect to be contacted with action demanded.
  • First violation warnings may be given. But the HOA Board has authority to immediately notify owners and/or residents of infractions and to assess fines determined by type and frequency or duration of infractions.
  • The Riverwalk HOA Board reserves the right to evict any tenants who repeatedly and/or substantially violate the community Rules & Regulations.
Calvin Whitmarsh, Association Manager, 512.474.1551,
NOTE: Unit Owners and/or their designated Leasing Agents are required to: 
1) Provide a complete copy of the Rules & Regulations to all new tenants. Both are liable for all infractions.
2) Provide Beck & Co the names and contact information for all leasing residents or new owners (when units are sold).